Packing up the Romahome, next stop Uist

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I'm very practised these days at packing up the Romahome and moving on, so after our usual constitutional on the white sandy beach opposite Croft Number Two campsite, a quick round of popping things in cupboards, locking the fridge, turning of the gas and unhooking the hook-up, we were off, a short drive to Ardhmor to catch the ferry to Eriskay.





 We were, as usual, very early and so were first in the ferry queue. Information panels said that the jetty's

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_photo-100.JPG an otter haunt, so we lounged about on the grass in the sunshine, ostensibly otter spotting, but in reality just sunbathing. Eventually the ferry came into view, a small one this time, no cafe or posh seating for this forty minute hop.




Cars and vans were packed in like sardines, and we were off, with me as ever keeping my eyes peeled for dolphins. None to be seen, but plenty of guillemots, gannets and cormorants, and dozens of seals basking on the rocks off an uninhibited island.


We pulled into the jetty at Eriskay, a small island joined to South Uist by a long causeway. The ferry was so jam packed that I had to wait for the van next to me to drive off before I could get into mine. Then off onto single track roads, through the main settlement on Eriskay, which looked an interesting little spot. I wanted to get to the campsite so carried on through.



a1sx2_Thumbnail1_photo-102.JPGKilbride campsite is only four miles along the road, facing south over the Sound of Barra, towards Croft Number Two, the site we were on last. We snuggled up to another Romahome, an old HyLo one with a split back door which I really coveted. My van's usually dwarfed by all the much bigger ones so it felt good to have an enclave for very small ones. 




Jinty settled down in the sun on his blanket while I sorted the van out. Just as I settled down with a cup of tea, gazing out to sea, I at last spotted dolphins, at least three of them. They'd come out of the water a couple of times then disappear for a few minutes before reappearing further along the bay. A great start to our stay on South Uist!