Walking on Barra in The Outer Hebrides

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A tricky start to our second day at Croft Number Two on Barra, with Jinty heading back to the campsite from the beach, barking (which he very rarely does) and running away when I try to get him back on the lead (which he usually only does when he's found an illicit bone). He then ran into the garden of the owners and did his business on their lawn. Rather embarrassing!


Another walk from the campsite, heading to a beach on the west of the island next to the airport, via the long beach across the road from the campsite. It was fascinating watching the clouds swirl around the islands as we went....Barra has the white beaches and turquoise seas of Barbados, with the added drama of weather.


a1sx2_Thumbnail1_photo-96.JPGJinty was very pleased with himself when he found a tennis ball on the beach, and he ran at least twice as far as I walked. Walking through the village on the common land studded with daisies, buttercups, primroses and birds-foot-trefoil, bay after bay opened up below us, each with white sand, thrift-fringed rocks and the bluest of blue sea.


A small plane flew over us, and sure enough it was on the runway, aka the beach, when we got there. A coach party had gathered to watch the spectacle of the plane taking off from the beach (apparently Barra airport is the only airport in Britain where scheduled flights use the beach as a runway). Off it went, a tiny Flybe plane, seating maybe 10 people at most. Very Barra!


Opposite the airport was a path through the white dunes to the completely empty mile long beach on the west coast of the island, facing out into the Atlantic. It was warm enough to sit and enjoy our picnic and then have a little lie down in the hazy sunshine. If only Jinty wouldn't dig holes right next to me every time I lie down on a beach! Then sandals off, trousers rolled up and into the sea, walking the length of the beach with cold waves washing over a1sx2_Thumbnail1_photo-98.JPGmy toes. Rather disconcerting to see that I've acquired leopard print style tanned feet by wearing walking sandals all the time. Hmmm.


Wending our way back it got warmer and warmer and by the time we returned to the Romahome we were both desperate for a drink so after a pot of tea for me and a big bowl of water for Jinty we were happy to sit by the van in the sunshine, admiring the ever changing view of the sea and the islands whilst being serenaded by skylarks as they soared up into the sky until they could no longer be seen.