Day trip to Tobermory on the island of Mull

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Up bright and early in the cottage by the loch for a day trip from Oban to Mull, three adults, three young children, a whippet and a poodle, aiming for Tobermory to take in everything Ballamory. A very different experience traveling with three children and two dogs, but still no dolphins spotted, despite all the extra pairs of eyes on the job.



a1sx2_Thumbnail1_photo-81.JPGDocking at Craignure we drove to Tobermory along a mainly single track road with major roadworks. By the time we got there it was nearly dinner time and we decided that the Les Routiers listed fish and chip van by the harbour was the best bet, sitting on the steps round the bottom of the clock tower. This was obviously the favoured patch for a young seagull, which needed regular shooing so that we could eat our delicious fish and chips in peace. We looked for the famous Tobermory cat and the otter which are said to frequent the harbour, but were unlucky. Our three year old wanted to knock on the doors of the brightly course houses to see if the real Ballamory people were inside. He had to make do with seeing somebody who could have been PC Plum patrolling the seafront in a police car.



Lots of handy shops along the harbour, including one which had the loveliest raspberry coloured wool throw, which is now ready to snuggle into in the Romahome. 



We found a gorgeous woodland park on the way back to the ferry port, where everyone could have a run round amongst the bluebells before joining the ferry queue and spending a pleasant twenty minutes watching our fellow passengers gather. The ambience was shattered when Jinty decided to be sick, just as we were waved at to go onto the boat. Lovely....not!



a1sx2_Thumbnail1_photo-82.JPGOn to the ferry again and up on deck with sandwiches, which again attracted seagulls which were following the boat, wheeling and swooping as we threw them the odd crust, much to Jinty's annoyance. He was even more cross when I held up some bread at the side of the boat and a seagull came and took it from my hand.  



Back on the long and winding road from Oban to the cottage (all roads round here are long and winding) and a clean up of the manky sick ridden van before settling down for a quiet evening taking turns with the nit comb....yes, we brought nits with us on holiday....the joys of life with young children!