Final whippety wander on Islay

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Lovely sunshine for our last full day on Islay, and determined to get to a beach on the wild west coast of the a1sx2_Thumbnail1_photo-53.JPGisland, so set off on foot from the campsite, heading across the peninsular to Kilchiaran Bay. We were walking on a single track road with passing places, climbing up out of Port Charlotte, past some very handsome Highland cattle, some the traditional ginger, some brunette and some blonde. All very gorgeous, as were the

clumps of cowslips.





Up and up, past sheep, some in the fields, many on the road, and almost all with lambs in tow. Up to Gearach forrest, where it was surprising to see signs warning people to keep out because of deer culling using high velocity rifles. Even more surprising further along to see another Gearach forest sign suggesting that holidays in the forest lodges offer "holidays to remember in 1,000 acres of unforgettable forest"  Couldn't help chuckling at the thought....."off you a1sx2_Thumbnail2_photo-55.JPGgo and play in the forest children...remember to look out for the hunters with high velocity rifles!" Holidays to remember indeed!




Above the hills a bird of prey was soaring on the thermals. Was it a golden eagle? I couldn't tell, but it was truly magnificent as it surveyed the area from on high. 



I kept getting a glimpse of the sea and started to go downhill and passed Kilchiaran farm, complete with very young calves in the fields. A path past a ruined chapel led down to the beach, a beautiful rocky cove with a river and waterfalls running into it, pebbles, sand, and sun-warmed rocks. A perfect place for a picnic. We shared cheese and pickle sandwiches, Jinty as always convinced that he didn't get his fair share. Plenty of time for searching for the perfect pebble ( I couldn't decide and ended up with three clanking in my pocket) and throwing a stick or two before heading back to the campsite, with bright sunshine all the way. 




a1sx2_Thumbnail1_photo-54.JPGIt was nice enough when we got back to sit in the sun beside the Romahome, enjoying a book and keeping an eye on the sea hoping to spot a dolphin or two. I'm sure they all leap about like mad when I'm engrossed in my book and play at underwater swimming every time I'm looking. Can you tell I'm miffed at not seeing any?



So, time to get ready for moving on tomorrow, with an early start to make sure that I'm near the front of the ferry queue to make sure that I don't have to back up onto it like the people I saw a couple of days ago. Early to bed and very early to rise I think.